Simon Hall is a Baptist Minister from Leeds, West Yorkshire, where he lives with his wife Anna, who runs a TV production company. He has three adult children. He is an ardent lover of music, film, games and sport, which he enjoys with different configurations of friends and family.

Simon is something of a compulsive starter-upper, which began with starting a band in his teens, a church and community house while he was at university, followed by numerous projects over the years, including churches, charities and an arts centre. As well as serving churches and organisations, he has taught in higher education, including founding and leading Oasis College in London. He has worked as a coach and mentor to social and spiritual entrepreneurs and loves it when a plan comes together!

In his teaching and writing, Simon tries to bridge the gap between contemporary academic learning and contemporary life. He has studied philosophy, theology, psychology and change management. He is currently undertaking research into what neuroscience and positive psychology can add to the conversation about human growth and maturity which Christians have traditionally called discipleship.

Simon loves helping individuals, churches and organisations through times of change and re-envisioning, and bringing together the people and resources needed to turn dreams into reality. He is also a gifted teacher and preacher and a member of the British and Irish Association for Practical Theology.