Our Services

Whilst responding to invitations and opportunities to serve, we will also be signposting people to others.
The wide scope of our connections with other people and agencies enable us to endorse and commend what they are doing.

Culture Consultancy

Every organisation has its own culture, which may have been established over many years. So key leaders may come and go but some things stay the same. We were also born into families, communities and nations with their own distinct cultural characteristics which influence us, often without us being aware.

We believe that choices made in the past need not define our future. It is possible to identify and celebrate what is holy and Christ-like, whilst also making decisions to leave behind habits and preferences that no longer suit where we are heading.

We offer to spend time with members and leaders of your community, listening carefully to where you have been, and to where the future might be taking you. We will also help you identify what the mileposts along a journey of culture change might look like.

Pastoral Supervision

Pastoral Supervision is a regular, planned, and confidential space to develop reflective skills in pastoral ministry and focuses on work encounters in pastoral practice, creating the freedom to explore day-to-day pastoral ministry issues. It has a formative, normative and restorative aspect that supports church leaders, chaplaincy, spiritual directors, and pastoral care workers.

Hawkins & Shohet describe Pastoral Supervision as; “British miners in the 1920s who fought for what was termed ‘pit-head’ time – the right to wash off the grime of the work in the boss’s time rather than take it home with them. Pastoral Supervision is the equivalent for those who work at the coalface of personal distress, disease and fragmentation”

The discipline of monthly Pastoral Supervision provides a valuable and transformative space to flourish and glean wisdom in every stage of pastoral ministry.

Leadership Mentoring & Coaching

If you are like us, you will be looking for someone you can trust who will accept you fully as you are whilst also wanting to explore avenues of growth and change.

The three of us have each been on a journey which has seen great success, intense disappointment and pain and everything in-between. We would be willing to come alongside you as a consultant, a mentor, or a coach. We will listen, help you discern where you are and where you would like to go, and support you in whatever choices you make.

As with other areas we can also point to people and commend other individuals and agencies:

Public Speaking

Speaking, preaching, lecturing, teaching or presenting within both faith and secular contexts; to groups, churches, charities, the ‘Public Square’ assemblies, conferences, offered in person, online, including podcasts, webinars and radio.

Retreats & Guided Walks

We can offer to lead retreats and some Guided Walks for individuals and groups in a variety of settings and in different ways, e.g. Individually guided retreats, taught retreats, silent retreats, residential or online.

We can also commend retreats and guided walks offered by others:

Spiritual Accompaniment

Spiritual Accompaniment, is an ancient practice and involves a Director assisting another individual to grow in their relationship with God, themselves and others. Eugene Peterson described it as, “The prayerful attention that we give to another person as a spiritual being and the accompanying prayerful conversation” that develops out of this attention. Listening, discerning, and offering the space and intentional time for anyone who is seeking God and values conversation and reflective companionship.

Teaching & Discipleship

Jesus was different – we all know that. The teaching and training methods he used were tailored to the individuals and circumstances in front of him. They were also intentionally focused on forming disciples rather than entertaining crowds.

How did we make the simple, and yet profound message of Jesus into something that is so easy to do whilst being complicated to understand? Can we say we have taught anything if our hearers don’t know how to put it into practise? Are we confident that we are living the life we are inviting others to embrace?

We have some tried and tested ideas about how the task of discipleship formation might become more central in your unique church context.

Our Fee Structure

Our fees are variable depending on the request and will include travel if necessary and overnight accommodation. We can give an individual cost for bespoke services and a guideline for our hourly, daily, or weekly rate. We look forward to saying hello and possibly working with you in the future.